The Education Foundation is a non-profit association whose mission is to promote, encourage and recognize excellence in public education, by providing student scholarships, teacher and school grants and teacher and employee recognition. With the support of many local organizations and individuals, the Foundation can ease some of the financial burdens of educators and schools in furthering student education.
The revised 2017-2018 Scholarship Guide is now available. Click the "Scholarhsip" link on this home page to view the guide. ​Scholarships awarded and managed by the Education Foundation are now available through our new online application website, , for public school students only. The site will be open until March 23, 2018.
The 2017-2018 Scholarship Guide is provided by the Education Foundation. The guide lists all scholarships available through the Foundation and many other local scholarships, serving as a vital tool in helping students.
• The SLC Education Foundation offers specfic scholarships.
•Some scholarships require a specfic application as outlined in their offering. Please make sure to use the specific applications if required. Not doing so may disqualify your application from the review process.
Scholarships through the Education Foundation provide an opportunity to help students continue to succeed after graduation.

2017 Scholarship Awards




Addison Williams
Andrew Schmeer Foundation
Bob Keaton
Edwina Jackson
Harry Lee Williams
Hattie D. Byrd
Jeff Furst
Restoring The Village Youth Initiative
Tess & Abbey Huber