The Education Foundation is a non-profit association whose mission is to promote, encourage, and recognize excellence in public education, by providing student scholarships, teacher and school grants, and teacher and employee recognition. With the support of many local organizations and individuals, the Foundation can ease some of the financial burdens of educators and schools in furthering student education.
The 2024 College Scholarship Application is closed.
The 2025 Scholarship Application will open in January 2025.
The Scholarship Guide is provided by the Education Foundation. The guide lists all scholarships available through the Foundation and many other local organizations, serving as a vital tool in helping students. This guide is continually updated throughout scholarship season. It is beneficial to use the online version versus a printed copy as information is updated as received to the foundation.
Scholarships through the Education Foundation provide an opportunity to help students continue to succeed after graduation.

College Scholarship Guide 2024

Did you receive a scholarship from the Education Foundation?
Please click the link below to download the disbursement form and instructions on how to collect your scholarship funds.

2024 Scholarship Awards

The St. Lucie County Education Foundation offers a variety of scholarships to senior students graduating from St. Lucie County public high schools. These scholarships assist students with pursuing post-secondary education goals.  
If you are interested in sponsoring a scholarship, please contact us at 772-429-5507

2023 Scholarship Donors

Memorial / Commemorative / Initiative Scholarship Donors

  • Andrew Schmeer Foundation
  • Jim Hatfield
  • Harry Lee Williams
  • The Aaron Project