Investment Tools

Invest with the St. Lucie County Education Foundation

The St. Lucie County Education Foundation works to improve the quality of education each and every day for over 41,000 students in the St. Lucie Public School District. We want to thank you, our donors and patrons, for your support in making a difference in their education experience.
While you may be a regular contributor to a school or classroom, we want to introduce you to some other ways to provide financial support to the students of the St. Lucie Public School District. Regardless of your age or the size of your estate, developing a planned gift with the St. Lucie County Education Foundation is a win-win for our donors, patrons and our students and allows you to assist St. Lucie students for many years to come.
We hope you will spend some time reviewing this site and our options. Please use our Investment Tools to decide which planned gift option best fits your needs.
Businesses, civic organizations, faith based organizations, and individuals can underwrite a scholarship.
Consider Planned Giving
Leave us in your will! Your legacy will live on through your gift!
Charitable Remainder Trust
This is a great tax benefit to the donor and benefits the Foundation.
Memorial Contributions
Any amount is welcome and a card of acknowledgement will be sent to family members.
License for Learning "Support Education” Tags
Each tag sale in our county benefits our students.
Payroll Giving Program
School system employees can contribute through a voluntary payroll giving program. Check with your employer about payroll givings.
Support the teachers and schools through the St. Lucie County Education Foundation. These programs fund teacher and school mini-grants that allow for materials, programs, and training that will enhance the education of our students. 
Contribute any amount you choose to support the initiative of your choice!