West Gate K-8 School

Class Teacher Adopters  
1st Grade Berggren, Jessica None
1st Grade Buehrig, Beverly
  • Isaac Fish
1st Grade Gallagher, Kimberly
  • BorgeFamily
  • Kayley Gallagher
  • Koder Family
  • Lindsay Gallagher
  • Sherry Posner-Southport Dental
  • The Prieto Family
  • xharije iljazi
1st Grade Gifford, Jean None
1st Grade Malin, Andrea None
1st Grade Wetherall, Kristin
  • Robert Denham
  • Robert Denham
2nd Grade Corrigan, Kelsey
  • Borge Family
  • Kelsey Schumacher
2nd Grade Lushbaugh, Melissa
  • Baker Family
2nd Grade Madden, Laurie
  • Hong Family
2nd Grade Manning, Carla None
2nd Grade Mealing, Dawn
  • Bain/Stewart Family
2nd Grade Palmer, Randy
  • Baker Family
3rd Grade Bowman, Kristin None
3rd Grade Calvo, Christopher
  • Stonelake family
3rd Grade Collis, Natalie None
3rd Grade Kelly, Mary
  • Yahn family
3rd Grade McInerney, Sean None
3rd Grade Skurnick, Jennifer None
4th Grade Mackie-Solberg, Barbara None
4th Grade Richter, Sarah
  • Jennifer and Anthony Prieto
4th Grade Ruck, Emily
  • The Calder Clan
4th Grade Seerfried, Shannon None
4th Grade Smith, Rachel
  • Koder Family
4th Grade Weathers, Easter None
5th Grade Chambery, Lauren
  • Glickman family
  • Yahn family
5th grade Garcia, Yanet None
5th Grade Goyings, Alison Marie
  • Glickman family
5th Grade Kline, Courtney
  • Glickman family
  • Leonard Family
5th Grade VanBussum, Cynthia
  • Glickman family
5th Grade Young, Margee None
Art K-5 Palmer, Catherine
  • Isabella & Valentina Prieto
  • Kathy Richardson
  • Koder Family
  • Kris Hilles
Autism Spectrum Disorder Joyner, Georgene None
Autism Spectrum Disorder Monti, Kathleen
  • April Alvarado
  • Mindi Mercade
Autism Spectrum Disorder Pristach, Laurel
  • April Alvarado
  • Jennifer and Anthony Prieto
Certified School Counselor Beaty, Julie D. None
Certified School Counselor Careccia-Wong, Rose None
Computer Ed 6-8 Rinelli, Peter
  • Keough Family
  • Yahn family
Dean/Conduct Counselor Nash, David R. None
Dean/Conduct Counselor Todd, Wendi None
Intellectual Disabilities Goldberg, Heidi None
Kindergarten Almiron, Marta
  • Mindi Mercade
Kindergarten Bean, Amanda
  • Emma Stonelake
Kindergarten Downing, Anita None
Kindergarten Godoy, Irma
  • Hong Family
Kindergarten Harris, Jennifer None
Kindergarten Miller, Dawn
  • Grass Roots Landscape Management
  • Mrs. Fish
Language Arts 6-8 Cole, Michelle
  • Keough Family
Language Arts 6-8 Devries, Stephanie
  • Stonelake family
Language Arts 6-8 McLaughlin, Jessica
  • Borge Family
Language Arts 6-8 Rappuhn, Kimberly None
Language Arts 6-8 Schremmer, Deborah
  • Stonelake family
Math 6-8 Avilla, Kelly
  • Stonelake family
Math 6-8 Burney, Erica
  • Petersen Family
Math 6-8 Glauber, Amy
  • Borge Family
  • Stonelake family
Math 6-8 LaSasso, Nicole None
Math 6-8 Leofanti, Julie
  • Keough Family
  • Stonelake family
Math 6-8 Tomlinson, Dwayne None
Media Specialist 6-8 Petruff, Marian None
Music 6-8 Lebon, James Raymond None
Music K-5 Maes, Zackery
  • Stonelake family
Physical Education 6-8 Boltersdorf, Linda M. None
Physical Education 6-8 Stubley, Jennie
  • Stonelake family
Physical Education K-5 Carroll, Shane
  • Keough Family
Physical Education K-5 Harmon, Elaine None
Reading 6-8 Efron, Melissa None
Reading 6-8 Hamilton, Lisa
  • Borge Family
Reading 6-8 Moreira, Mary None
Reading 6-8 Small, Brandy None
School Assessment Specialist Fish, Angela Victoria None
School Based ESE Specialist Hackett, Debra None
School Based ESE Specialist Stover, Evelyn None
Science 6-8 Brewi, Janet
  • Keough Family
Science 6-8 Demet, Kimberly None
Science 6-8 Kline, Joseph D. None
Science 6-8 Kneidel, Mary Margaret
  • Pete & Kim Gallagher
Science 6-8 Lynch, Sean None
Science 6-8 Smith, Kathy None
Social Studies 6-8 Artiles, Oscar
  • Keough Family
  • Stonelake family
Social Studies 6-8 Kappler, Lauren None
Social Studies 6-8 Maher, Christina
  • Borge Family
Social Studies 6-8 Mitchell, Michael None
Social Studies 6-8 Small, Nancy
  • Keough Family
Spch Lang Path Ast Porter, Stephanie None
Speech Lang Pathologist Bozzo, Carol None
Varying Exceptionalities Brawley, Wendy None
Varying Exceptionalities Buehrig, Dana None
Varying Exceptionalities Jones, Inez Cassandra None
Varying Exceptionalities Latowski, Sarah None
Varying Exceptionalities Nelson, Jaime None
Varying Exceptionalities Reals, Naomi None