Morningside Elementary

Class Teacher Adopters  
1st Grade Defranza, Annette None
1st Grade Dvorak, Kylee Lyn None
1st Grade Madonia, Keisha Marie None
1st Grade Reinhardt-Saulnie, Mary None
1st Grade Ronkko, Alecia None
2nd Grade Barnes, Renee'
  • Chris and Kari Kelly
2nd Grade Beach, Robert None
2nd Grade Britt, Guletta None
2nd Grade Golding, Keron Alicia None
2nd Grade Miller, Beth None
2nd Grade Sides, Andrea None
2nd Grade Williams, Sarah None
3rd Grade Lee, Kristin None
3rd Grade Rubenstein, Cody None
3rd Grade Struble, Megan None
3rd Grade Tam, Tsz None
3rd Grade Turner, Katina None
4th Grade LaChance, Brittany None
4th Grade Panaccione, Christina None
4th Grade Pazos, Rose None
4th Grade Williams, Tabatha None
5th Grade Bevacqua, Alan John None
5th Grade Halberg, Melissa None
5th Grade Mukhamedov, Mollie None
Gifted K-5 Eibl, Diane None
Gifted K-5 Hueter, Judith None
Gifted K-5 McKenna, Haley None
Gifted K-5 Meunier, Sandra None
Gifted K-5 Moore, Julie None
Kindergarten Mccolley, Stacie
  • Dustin and Shawna Hardy
Kindergarten Mccullough, Amanda None
Kindergarten Payne, Beth None
Kindergarten Robinson, Katherine None
Kindergarten Spurr, Amy
  • Amy and Mike Fanella
  • Kari and Chris Kelly
  • Paul and Kathleen Lyon
Music K-5 Calvert, Donna None
Physical Education K-5 McKenna, Kyle None
Physical Education K-5 Prue, Ryan None
Resource Science K-5 Alsager, Gretchen None
Varying Exceptionalities Adams, Robin Denise None
Varying Exceptionalities Ellingham, Stephanie None
Varying Exceptionalities Jones, Elizabeth None
Varying Exceptionalities Kanada, Kelly None