St. Lucie West K-8 School

Class Teacher Donors  
1st Grade Genus, Camille A None
1st Grade Lundgren, Erinn Elizabeth None
1st Grade Torres, Elisa Edith None
1st Grade Wicburg, Alyssa J None
1st Grade Winterkamp, Cindy K None
1st Grade Yancy, Sophia Lynne None
2nd Grade Barnhart, Sandy None
2nd Grade Barthell, Lindshay Jeanekia None
2nd Grade Harvey, Alana J None
2nd Grade Herrero, Paulina Paz None
2nd Grade Howard, Ashley Marie None
2nd Grade Peterson, Colleen Catherine
  • Karen and Tom Domanski
2nd Grade Portee, Shawna Dawnelle None
3rd Grade Paries, Kendra None
3rd Grade Quiles, Paula Jean None
3rd Grade Santeramo, Victoria None
3rd Grade Schettini, Shannon None
3rd Grade Shannon, Sarah L None
3rd Grade Tucker, Heidi None
4th Grade Aleixo, Janice
  • Karen and Tom Domanski
4th Grade Gordon, Pura Nieves None
4th Grade Merhi, Zena G None
4th Grade Rovendro, Jaime Nicole None
5th Grade Celano, Erin None
5th Grade Cortes, Rachelle Anne None
5th Grade Helms, Karen None
5th Grade Lynch, Christina Lang None
5th Grade Peters, Debby None
5th Grade Suggs, Robert None
Art 6-8 Nedrow, Kimberly M. None
Autism Spectrum Disorder Davis, Julie Michelle A None
Business Tech Ed Charles, Ifonie
  • Leonard Family
Career & Tech Ed/Exploration Tremblay, Jennifer S None
Emotional/Behavioral Disab McDonald, Amber Renae None
Emotional/Behavioral Disab Sizemore, Analysa None
Gifted K-5 Ballenger, Kathryn Julia None
Gifted K-5 Ballew, Stephanie Lynn None
Gifted K-5 Binns, Andria C
  • Leonard Family
Gifted K-5 Brightwell, Dana None
Gifted K-5 Dahms, Virginia A
  • Leonard Family
Gifted K-5 Morales-Lopez, Rachel
  • Leonard Family
Gifted K-5 Ritter, Heather Elisabeth None
Gifted Language Arts 6-8 Mancini, Lynn Marie None
Gifted Language Arts 6-8 Scavone, Danielle Marie None
Gifted Math 6-8 Davenport, Gretchan Thea
  • Leonard Family
Gifted Science 6-8 Laurino, Lindsey Marae
  • Leonard Family
Gifted Social Studies 6-8 Harris, Lindsey Christine
  • Leonard Family
Kindergarten Cisneros, Kathryn Nicole None
Kindergarten Ettlinger Goldberg, Mindy M None
Kindergarten Papaleo, Julia Lynne None
Kindergarten Richardson, Vanessa Jean None
Kindergarten Sayers, Mary C None
Kindergarten Vargas, Elizabeth Dawn None
Kindergarten` White, Tanya None
Language Arts 6-8 Carr, Melody Charmaine None
Language Arts 6-8 Clement, Dacia None
Language Arts 6-8 Devries, Stephanie None
Language Arts 6-8 Harrington, Kimberli Vonkey None
Language Arts 6-8 Pruitt, Ashley Kristina None
Language Arts 6-8 Pruitt, Kimberly Dawn None
Language Arts 6-8 Tanaka-Cooper, Tiffany Sierra None
Math 6-8 Ageeb, Christopher John None
Math 6-8 Holmes-Hodge, Bernice None
Math 6-8 Jeffries, Dana None
Math 6-8 Moran, Eric None
Math 6-8 Peterson, Julia Marie None
Math 6-8 Plaka, Alba None
Media Specialist 6-8 Smith, Lorilee None
Music 6-8 Lukkari, Charles Alan None
Physical Education 6-8 Myszka, Matthew J None
Physical Education 6-8 Smith, Maurice J None
Physical Education K-5 Piscopo, Dina Michele None
Resource Science K-5 Ramonas, Rochelle
  • Leonard Family
Science 6-8 Deboben, Kurt Louis None
Science 6-8 Emerson, Alan None
Science 6-8 Mayernik, Allen Jason None
Science 6-8 Wardwell, Joshua Jonathan None
Science 6-8 Wood, Dustin L None
Social Studies 6-8 Conley, Tammy Lea None
Social Studies 6-8 Noble-Adams, Janice Marie None
Social Studies 6-8 Schmidt, Tanya Eileen None
Social Studies 6-8 Seng, Sally Mae None
Social Studies 6-8 Wiggett, Kelly Ann None
Speech Lang Pathologist O'Neill, Jessica None
Varying Exceptionalities Case, Shannon Ruschel None
Varying Exceptionalities Jean-Calixte, Joanne None
Varying Exceptionalities Volz, Michael E None