Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts

Class Teacher Adopters  
1st Grade Simmons, Tionne None
1st Grade Terlino, Paul None
1st Grade Vega, Monique E. None
2nd Grade Bajger, Merylann None
2nd Grade Marginean, LeAnne None
2nd Grade Thoma, James None
3rd Grade Gersh, Kelly None
3rd Grade Mitsopoulos, Patricia Ellen None
3rd Grade Roti, Mary Frances None
3rd Grade Voke, Linda None
4th Grade Denman, Christel None
4th Grade Woulard, Sabrina None
5th Grade Iovino, Liza Lee None
5th Grade Wahl, Meredith Ryan None
Art K-5 Saltus, Gerard None
Certified School Counselor Forbus, Julia None
Dance 6-8 Agrait, Sara None
Dean/Conduct Counselor Carter, Samantha None
Instructional Coach-FED-TT Wyatt, Amber None
Interventionist-FED-TTL1 Lee, Matthew None
Kindergarten Greene, Kimberly C. None
Kindergarten Hauck, Liezyl None
Kindergarten Jones-Bell, Sheila None
Language Arts 6-8 Brosseau, Catherine Lynne None
Language Arts 6-8 Kenny, Shelley Ann None
Math 6-8 Hixon, Christopher None
Math 6-8 Panchoosingh, Billy None
Media Specialist 6-8 Athill, Lillian None
Music 6-8 Mcmenamy, Katrina None
Reading 6-8 Thomas, Angelia J. None
School Assessment Specialist Mihajlovski, Virginia None
School Based ESE Specialist Rampone, Brittany None
Science 6-8 Darden, Leandrea None
Science 6-8 Saeed, Ghazanfar None
Social Studies 6-8 Lucas, Kristan M. None
Varying Exceptionalities Long, Laticka Shanice None