STAR Business Mentor

Be a STAR Business Mentor & 
Introduce a student to your business
Help a student explore career opportunities while identifying future talent for your business.

All candidates will be junior level high school students enrolled in a Career & Technical Education program (CTE) and will have taken a pledge to be drug free, go to class, stay out of trouble and join the STAR Scholars Program as a student. As a STAR Business Mentor you will introduce students to your business and mentor them as they learn skills important to you.

You will also potentially have an opportunity to offer an internship, which at your option may develop into a part time job while still in school (subject to child labor laws).
Students will either graduate from high school work ready or they continue on to a two year college program to advance further.
A STAR Business Mentorship is $550 per year per student or $2,700 for a group of 5 students.
For more information contact:
Thom Jones, President at (772) 429-5507
Additionally you can also sponsor a student by funding 50% of a fully paid scholarship to attend a two year technical college program. The Florida Prepaid College Foundation will match your sponsorship.
A two year technical degree costs approximately $8,000. Your share will be $4,200 including a $200 administrative fee paid to the Education Foundation. This STAR scholarship will be named after you or your business.
Plus your STAR Mentorship fee is reduced by 50%. If after one year you elect to sponsor a Prepaid College Scholarship.  Your student receives an $8,000 scholarship for an additional cost of $4,200 plus a $275 Mentor fee for a total cost of $4,475. Your combined two year investment is $5,025 for an $8,000 scholarship in your name!
For more information contact:
Thom Jones, President at (772) 429-5507


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